Tree Facts - Did You Know...

- Each year, 25-30 million Americans families select and take home a real evergreen tree to decorate with ornaments and lights for the holidays.

- Your Christmas tree has been intentionally grown for your enjoyment, and is a renewable resource. 98% of the trees sold are grown on farms as a crop. For every tree cut on a tree farm, two or three seedlings are planted in its place.

- 90% of all trees sold in the U.S. are grown in the U.S. 10% are Canadian grown.

- Christmas trees are often grown on land that is unsuitable for farming. By utilizing these fields, tree farmers help to control soil erosion and provide year-round homes for wildlife.

-Over 100,000 people are employed by the Real Christmas tree industry in the U.S.

- While growing on tree farms, Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide from both the soil and the air, while producing oxygen. This process helps counteract global warming.

- Artificial trees contain non-biodegradable plastics made from petroleum products and many contain metal toxins such as lead.

The Christmas Farm